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The Tentacle Porn Hoedown
(inspired by the Hoedown Game on "Whose Line is it Anyway?")
by Kzinfuzz

(Contestants: Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo!, Alielle from El Hazard, Nuriko from Fushigi Yugi, and Lime from Saber Marionette J)

Tenchi: (a la Greg)
Living with Ryoko is like tentacle porn.
She grabs me while I'm sleeping, and often changes form.
She wants to get me in the sack. I really am afraid.
As bad as GPs busting me for a panty raid.

If I was a monster, I'd make love all the time
To all the nubile lovelies and try to make them mine.
I'd hug them and I'd squeeze them in a thousand slimy arms.
They'd moan and groan and quiver, succumbing to my charms.

A monster was attacking the girl I must defend.
It slithered up her blouse and skirt for a no-good end.
When the monster tore my pants off, I knew not what to do.
Miaka looked at me and yelled "My God, you've got one too!"

Lime: (shouting, like Colin)
I really fail to understand what this is all about.
The demons and exploding girls turning inside out.
But lots of fellas like it, so I vowed to try my best.
I proposed it to Otaru, who had cardiac arrest.


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