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Anime Miscellany

Otakon 2002 Memoirs: Thoughts, recollections, and reviews on events of the first Anime con I went to ever.

The Otakon 2003 Report: Like the previous year's, only with more experience.

Otakon 2006: Uploaded two years late, because I never realized I didn't do it beforehand. and don't ask where 2004 and 2005 are. Or 2007. My dog ate them.

Otakon 2008: Uploaded in a far more timely manner--new anime reviewed, and a summary of Taliesin Jaffe's panel and more!

Rant about Anime Fans by an Anime Fan: A rant in which I bitch and whine about how I hate the fact that so many anime fans are bitchy and whiny.

Silly Stuff
The Tentacle Porn Hoedown: A submission from Kzinfuzz, a silly (and assuredly non-graphic) song about tentacle hentai in the style of the "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" Hoedown Game.


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