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Friends, Family, and Freaks

Homepages maintained by my various accomplices, listed alphabetically in order of first name or Web avatar (note: as of now, most of these links are heavily outdated):

Arthur, the booginest of all boogmen and one of the best freaks I've ever had the pleasure to know. He helps me a lot with my filksongs.

Astrea is a fellow Mistress of English, and an awesome person all around. Oh, and founder of the Society of Evil Supervillainesses. How cool is that? Read her blog!

Athene is not just her name; I believe she really is the favored daughter of Zeus. She also has a new Web site, and is a fabby GM, and is the best LARP dresser ever.

Bill is the person whose fault it is that I became so obsessed with Tenchi and Love Hina (you cannot, however–nor would he want you to–blame him for my Utena obsession). He's also one of the people who kept me sane (always, relatively speaking) while I was in grad school.

Dragonlight is, quite simply, the utterest sweetheart in the universe. Her site is called "Falling off the Blog."

Jon Lasser, a cohort from college, and fellow inventor of strange languages. He wrote a book called Think Unix, and you should buy it. He is one of the people that ran off to grad school after I came back from it.

Malluna,is a talented cook, aesthetics queen, and will one day rule the world, probably shortly after she receives her law degree. Read her blog too!

Mei is the person all of us want to marry (Penelope says it in her links page too), and she'll just keep breaking our hearts, and we'll just come back for more. Witness the power of Mei.

Metagnat, who kicks ass, her page kicks ass, her blog kicks ass, and.. and... and... words defy her coolness. So I will simply say RAH METAGNAT!!!

Paladin, a comrade in WoD Gaming and someone I have not e-mailed often enough recently. One of the coolest, sweetest people I have never met.

Penelope is often at random in her blogging, but always has something interesting to say. A wonderfully unseleigh mad scientist who lets me be evil when I need to be.

Pete is cool and nice and ALSO plays the mandolin and isn't scary despite his extreme knowledge of weapons and martial artistry. At least as long as I'm nice to him.

Sally Savage, a former co-worker of mine, has a page for her marvelous photography.

Simian Hill is not a person but a place featuring TWO people, Jim and Karynya, who are both very very cool if silly monkeys.


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