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Annie O'Dugan
created by DQ

I am frolicsome, I am easy,
good tempered and free,
and I don't give a single pin, me boys,
what the world thinks of me.
–"The Saucy Sailor" Trad, arr. by Steeleye Span

Annie is the second-born to parents who are jokingly referred to as the white sheep of their families. Annie followed the trend of her more.. eccentric relatives... and in fact, inherited more "strangeness" than most realize...

Annie is among the mere scores of Irish folk who call themselves the Fenian–no, not political rebels of old–they are the descendants of the wild shapechanging folk of legend who shared both pacts and bloodlines with the Fair Folk–Annie can trace her own bloodline back to the Fae by only a few generations. Like many of the Fenian, Annie adds on to her natural shape-altering abilities with a version of druidecht, ancient magics practiced in the British Isles.

Called "Annie Red" by her fans in the bars near Temple district in Dublin, she carries a song in her heart along with the legendary Irish temper. Her moods are as changing as the exact color of her eyes–that is to say, frequent. Although a more conscious decision on her part, even her name changes–some folks know her as Rhiannon (a stage name inspired by the Fleetwood Mac song), Ann, Ariana, Maire, Moira, and Sinead (actually her little sister's name)–and few outside her blood relatives know the name given her at birth. But regardless of where she is, who she tells you she is, and the mood she's in–and the possibilities for all three are endless–if there's trouble, magic, interesting people, or any combination of the above, she'll be sure to be there.


OOC Information:
World of Darkness SorcererCraft: Fenian
Nature: Cavalier
Demeanor: Sensualist
Legacies: Knight/Beast(or sometimes Knave)
Magic: Shapeshifting, Fascination, Healing, Weathercraft (style: Irish druidecht).
Willpower 5, Banality 5
Gear: Guitar, athame, and a wicked mischeivous smile.
Merits: Kinain, Path Natural: Shapeshifting (required by/innate to members of Craft)Flaws: Otherworldly Taint, Gesa (required by/innate to members of Craft)


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