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Bastet Stat Revisions

Several players have complained about the shapeshifter stat increases/decreases in the Werewolf: the Apocalypse Changing Breed supplement, Bastet. Some felt certain stat adjustments made characters too weak; most felt many of the adjustments made the characters too ridiculously powerful. So for the people who complained, I went back and tweaked the stats a bit to try and make them a little more "realistic." I started off by looking at the stats White Wolf has published in other books for actual felines (or making up ones that seemed to make sense for those that weren't available) and altering the stat increases for the Feline form so that if an average human (i.e. all physical stats at 2) shifted, he would have the average physical stats for that particular kind of cat. I also looked at Crinos forms and made sure that in general, an average Bastet would not outdo physically (strength/stamina-wise) an average Garou (although some do come very close, but in circumstances I thought appropriate), to keep the "Warriors of Gaia" and the "Eyes of Gaia" separate. Finally, as the Chatro form is used by many Bastet as the "true" fighting form, certain of these forms are as tough, or tougher, than Crinos (though not by much)–with emphasis on what would be more useful in a hominid form and what would be in a quadruped form. Most of the tweaks actually turned out to be fairly minor. Probably the most drastic changes were to the Pumonca, who were just way too uberstatted in the book. I did not alter any social stat adjustments.

Key: S=Strength, D=Dex, T=Stamina

Tribe Sokto Crinos Chatro Feline
Bagheera S+1,D+1,T+2 S+2,D+2,T+3 S+3,D+2,T+3S+2,D+2,T+2
Balam S+1,D+1,T+2 S+2,D+3,T+3 S+3,D+2,T+3S+2,D+2,T+2
Bubasti D+1 S+1,D+3,T+1 S+2,D+3,T+1 S-1,D+3,T+1
Ceilican D+1,T+1 S+1,D+3,T+2 S+1,D+3,T+2 D+3,T+1
Khan S+2,D+1,T+1 S+3,D+2,T+2 S+4,+1,T+3S+3,D+1,T+2
Pumonca S+1,D+1,T+2 S+2,D+2,T+3 S+3,S+3,T+3S+2,D+2,T+2
Qualmi D+1,T+1 S+1,D+3,T+1 S+1,D+3,T+2D+3,T+1
Simba S+1,D+1,T+2 S+3,D+2,T+3 S+3,D+2,T+2S+2,D+1,T+2
Swara D+2,T+1 S+2,D+3,T+1 S+2,D+3,T+2S+1,D+4,T+1


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