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RPG Characters

Well, I'm a big fat idiot. I somehow managed to delete all copies of the scans I had of the character pictures. So for now you'll have to settle for descriptions without images.

These are all my original creations. They are posted here for fun, inspiration, and sharing, BUT PLEASE DO NOT USE MY IDEAS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

I welcome submissions of characters–please send me a brief (no more than one page) description of your character and, if you wish, a picture. I do reserve the right to edit for clarity and propriety.

World of Darkness
Annie O'Dugan: An Irish hedge wizard
Kimberly "White Rabbit" Delarose, an errant Akashic-turned-Ecstatic
Selena Shadow-Chaser, a Bubasti mystic

Isabel of Yane, a noble-born Eclipse Caste (coming soon!)

Dungeons and Dragons: the Forgotten Realms
Flame, a half-elven fighter/priestess of Sune from Daerlun (coming soon!)
Indigo, a runaway bard hailing from the noble families of Waterdeep (coming soon!)


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