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Paladin's Sanctum, designed by an old White-Wolf Chatroom friend of mine; contains resources and characters for WoD and D&D.

Giant in the Playground: Beyond being the very talented wit and artist behind the "Order of the Stick" comic, Rich Burlew is a game designer who has written some fantastic stuff for D&D. Check out his site for some great articles and tips (not to mention, of course, OOTS).

(listed in alphabetical order; both RPG and miniatures companies)

Games Workshop: At its best, a decades-old company that defined miniature wargaming (and they made some fun board games along the way) and created lushly descriptived worlds to play their games in. At its worst, a company where some of whose staff and most typical patrons typify the hubristic, utterly obsessed, power-gaming, male chauvinist gamer. Still make a decent game though, and more of my money has gone to them than I'd like to admit. Their Black Gobbo is a good source for miniature painters/modellers.

Guardians of Order: Creators of the Tri-Stat System and the anime RPG, Big Eyes, Small Mouth. A great little company that really listens to its fans; some of its products are sadly mediocre but overshadowed by those that are absolutely fantastic.

Privateer Press: One of my new favorite small gaming companies, and I don't even like steampunk. Well, until I saw their stuff. They are the creators of the Iron Kingdoms, setting for both a lovely detailed d20 gameworld and the fantastic, fast-paced miniatures game War Machine (featuring some of the most gorgeous minis I've ever seen). Money once spent at Games Workshop is now becoming spent on their product instead.

Reaper: I honestly know little about their miniature games, but their actual (mostly fantasy) miniatures are beautifully sculpted, and I use them almost exclusively for D&D minis or minis I just want to collect and paint for fun. They also have good modeling supplies, and their site features good advice for mini painters and modellers.

White Wolf Game Studios: Makers of the famous Storyteller System and its campaign worlds, including the World of Darkness, Exalted (Age of Sorrows), and the Aeon Trinity; also the home of the d20 campaign designers, Sword and Sorcery Studios. I was disgusted with them for awhile but they've gotten back into my good graces with excellent supplements for Exalted and a nice new clean "Storytelling" system.

Wizards of the Coast: Owners of Dungeons and Dragons and creators of the d20 System, as well as other games, including a certain collectible card game I'm glad I never got involved in (for my wallet's sake). Say what you like, you at least gotta love'em for the Open Game License and the amount of support they give to their product.


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