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Forget the shiny lights, forget the blinking video screen–gimme a piece of paper and some dice and I'm yours, baby. No world is more exciting than the ones we create in our imaginations.

Characters: Bios of RPG original characters from a multitude of worlds. I used to have pictures, but I lost them.

Rage Across Death Quaker By Night: Resource lists, house rules, and other fun goodies for White Wolf's World of Darkness Setting

Slay the Damsel, Rescue the Dragon, Roll the d20: Resources for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5/the d20 System, including a completely original campaign setting and Baldur's Gate NPC Conversions.

Death Quaker's Miniature Doom: A bizarre confluence of the stars has gotten me into miniwargaming, particularly in the painting of the miniatures. This is largely a gallery of the figures I've painted but may eventually include "chapter/faction fiction" for my armies as well. UNDER CONSTRUCTION (but a few galleries are up).

Other Worlds, Other Geeks: A small list of links to gamers and game companies, both the role-playing and the wargaming variety.


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