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Alex's Flames of Righteousness
Menoth Warmachine Models

I painted this Menoth box set for my friend Alex. Unfortunately, I was in a rush to get the figures to him, and ended up taking the very worst mini pics I have ever taken, with enormously awful flash and lighting issues, meaning all of the freehand work I did with the flame insignia on the models are barely visible. (Yes, I know it's best not to use a flash at all but I had found someway to compensate since I live in a cave, but have clearly forgotten what it was.) This upsets me, because while I am not a "great" painter, I was quite proud of the freehand work and, frankly, wanted to show off. I almost didn't post these at all, but you can at least see the color scheme, and I'm hoping either I or he can take better pictures some day.

Beyond the flames, Alex wanted something "traditional yet not traditional," hence the dark blue rather than the "normal" deep red.

Please click on the links below to see larger pictures and alternate angles.


Menoth WarjacksMenoth Boxset Warjacks


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