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Doom in Miniature
There is a fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness." –Dave Barry

The demonic forces of the universe and my love of doing pointless little arty things have culminated in a new obsession: painting in ridiculous detail 28 millimeter-tall soldiers. I used to like to pit them in battle against other miniature soldiers, but mostly just paint them now. What follows are items I've painted for commissions and for myself.

Note I have a not-optimal camera for macro shots, and I live in a cave, so I struggle with good lighting. Some pictures are better than others, and some are just plain lousy, for which I apologize.

DQ's Preferences and Techniques: A technique and product preference list, but as of 2011 is badly out of date. Will note when I update it.

Reaper Figures
John vs. Monday: A quasi-diorama of Reaper's Quinn facing down Gauth the dragon, painted as a gift for my friend John.

Fantasy Game Figures: These are figures I use to represent heroes in Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons and otherwise just paint for fun.

Privateer Press's Warmachine
Christina's Cygnar: the heroes in blue that I painted for a friend

Alex's Menoth: The Menoth Boxset.

Shiny Death: Cryx. And they're mine mine mine. Slowly painting them as I do other projects.

Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000
Paint Job for Matt's Eldar Titan Centaur Conversion: A detailed paint job on a very large Eldar heavy.

Order of the Revolutionary Rose: Once upon a time, I played Warhammer 40K with a little known army known as the Sisters of Battle (aka "the Token Girl Army"). Games Workshop has since made it clear what they think of my favorite army so I don't play anymore, but I still love my army. Color scheme and rough fluff loosely based on the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena.


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