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"John vs. Monday" Reaper Dragon Diorama

This is a birthday/Christmas present for my friend John. I admit I am not experienced in diorama creation, and it's not so much really a diorama as it is a couple of Reaper figures glued to a wooden clock backing with some putty and sand around them. The Reaper figures in question are the dragon Gauth and a Dark Legends figure called Quinn. The figures are beautifully sculpted, but the dragon (my first ever) was not easy to assemble, with a lot of gaps needing to be filled. I had particularly a lot of trouble with the wings (including at one point attaching them completely the wrong way to the body), so I'm glad they seem to look okay now. I didn't do any conversion apart from a minor resculpt of Quinn's sword, and making some extra dragon scales where gaps had been filled.

Like the Titan, the larger model was hard to photograph in my shadowbox, but I think still looks better than my earlier mini photos; thanks to my friend Dasquish for making me the box. I'll probably get better at working with it as time goes on.

Click on the links for large pictures.

John versus Monday full shotA full shot of the diorama

John versus Monday side shot'John' and 'Monday' from the other side of the base

Monday's BackThe back side of 'Monday' the Dragon

Closeup of 'John'Close-up shot of 'John' the Dragon-Slayer

Monday's FaceMedium close-up of 'Monday' the Dragon's head


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