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Order of the Revolutionary Rose

I used to play Warhammer 40,000. This was my Sisters of Battle army, the color scheme inspired by the anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena (both the TV series and the movie). I don't play any more but I still work on painting the army from time to time and hope to get more pics up at some point.

Here are images from a multi-army mega-battle held at the late lamented local Battle Bunker. The links go straight to the pictures.

Forces of the Imperium face down Chaos and Necrons. Broad shot; my Sisters are the magenta Immolator and the blue-and-black Rhino surrounded by the Sisters themselves. I also painted the Grey Knights behind them.

Sisters and Imperial Guard (someone else's) are ready to charge the enemy. Odd little thing there--see that Repentia Mistress in the middle? That was from someone else's Sisters army also on the table that day; I don't remember how or why she ended up in the middle of my squad. The bit of pink Rhino is the Canoness's ride (the Utena Car, of course, for those in the know). These Battle Sisters are led by Sister Superior Kaoru

The Seraphim jump in from reserves, led by Sister Superior Arisugawa.

More Battle Sisters, led by Sister Keiko, fire into the fray.

Canoness Tenjou's Rhino gets ready to run over some Necrons.

Sister Superior Takatsuki leads her Dominion squad out of the wreckage of their Immolator. Fans of the Utena movie should be amused to know the the Shiori Immolator blew up nearly every game.

Sister Superior Ohtori and her squad rushes to back up the vulnerable Dominion squad.

Two stubborn Seraphim remain on the board despite having taken heavy fire. Jury's not easily intimidated after all.

While their numbers are greatly reduced, the brave Sisters manage to hold their objective, using Sister Kaoru's Rhino for additional cover.

A full shot of the table. The pink Canoness Rhino is in full view.

Bonus! Allied Grey Knights assist in the attack. These weren't part of my army, but I also painted these models.


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