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Selena Shadow-Chaser

Give me all my desire,
Moonlight and mice and milk,
Fancy food from your store
Cedar and sycamore
Flourish. Your roof is silver
Rejoice, and live forever.

–Glen Harwood, "Sheba"

Leaning against the doorframe is a slender young woman, lithe musculature showing under a pair of black bike shorts and a white tank top. Her slightly darkened skin and night-black hair suggests a Mediterranean origin, though unusually, her slightly-narrowed eyes are green–bright green, eerie green. To try to compare them to jewels or lights would be trite and slightly inappropriate, but suffice to say they shine enticingly and yet at the same time cause the viewer to wonder if getting a closer look is really a good idea. A smile–or is it a smirk?–dances over her lips as she views everyone in the room. She opens her mouth slightly and breathes her greeting: "Hi."

Selena, in a nutshell, is a cat given human form. Never mind that she was born homid. She is the most cat-like of cats you will ever meet: stubbornly independent and fiercely loyal, fast, ferocious, and loves a good scritching behind the ears.

Selena doesn't discuss her past much, though if you talk to her long enough you'll probably figure out that her parents are dead, to her, anyway, and she seems to have been on her own for several years,even though she's just over twenty. After her First Year under the venerable Kuasha Old Grey, she got by by stealing from her old neighbors and hunting. These days she gathers trinkets and information in a slightly less criminal way, working as a courier for supernatural contacts (and perhaps, sometimes, not-so-supernatural ones... just to do something different for a change). A threat to the area near her den-realm caused her to link up with the Garou, whose caern was not actually too far from hers, both part of or near a park in Southern Alexandria, Virginia. She learned a number of interesting tricks and fought a number of disgusting Asura (or in the delightful jargon of the werewolves, "Wyrm-things"). Spirits and other Bastet therefore, for better or worse, often call her "She-Walks-With-Wolves." She's also made a few allies among the Willworkers, but that doesn't seem to intrigue, impress, or offend the spirits and the Folk as much. Despite all her contacts and unlikely allies, Selena still likes to consider herself a loner... strange, for despite that her den-realm seems to be getting rather full...


The boring stuff:Selena "Shadow-Chaser" Blanc, also known as "She-Walks-With-Wolves"
Homid Twilight Bubasti
Honorary Black Fury, as inducted by the Sisters of the Caern of the Sacred Waters
Den-realm: terran: wooded area in national park; umbral: Egyptian-style temple
Jamak: Bast the Protector

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