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Eldar Titan Centaur Conversion (Paint Job)

This is to be the centerpiece for a friend's Eldar army, painted according to his pre-established color scheme. It is, to my understanding, a resin conversion from Forgeworld (but they are not sold anymore). I am not responsible for the assembly (which is why the one gun-arm is bent, as it got damaged in shipping because it was sent to my friend pre-assembled; though otherwise I think the fella did a good job as it couldn't have been easy). Honestly, I wish I had assembled it despite the difficulty working with resin... while I generally prefer assembling first, then painting, this is the kind of job I would definitely paint then assemble if at all possible.

This was difficult to photograph, as the thing was nearly too large for my poor little shadowbox! Apologies for any blur or off-color-ness due to level adjustment.

Click on the links for large pictures.

Thumbnail of full Titan shotFull shot of Titan

Back of Titan with Spiderweb Detail

Side shot of Titan

Titan Head and Shoulders

Close-up of Titan Head

Full Shot of Titan with Sister of Battle Next to It (apologies of the lighting on this; it's just to show scale--the models are meant to be in the same scale, for 40k gameplay. In case you don't see the Sister, look closer at the speck of dust at the Titan's feet)


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