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Rage Across Death Quaker By Night

Although technically, my first RPG was AD&D Second Ed., the original World of Darkness was where I really got into roleplaying games. Unfortunately, they hit a point where they "revised" things so much they removed a whole part of the setting I liked and changed the rules for that setting so much that my campaign was suddenly no longer compatible with their source materials. Now they've got a "new" World of Darkness, where the system looks great, but I haven't had time to look into it yet.

So, the short version? All this stuff is for the "old" World of Darkness, and is a hybrid of mostly 2nd and 3rd edition stuff. If you're looking for source for the New World of Darkness, you'll not find it here.

List of Merits and Flaws: I know this is what you all came for. A compilation of Merits and Flaws from a number of WoD sourcebooks, plus a few original. In a simple "easy-to-print" format.

List of Character Archetypes: Another compilation list, this for those who are having trouble finding that perfect nature or demeanor for your character. Also in simpler page design for easier printing.

My House Rules: System and character creation notes, partly designed to "hybridize" Second and Third Ed WoD so I didn't have to re-write my campaign world that much when they started f**king things to Oblivion.

Revised Kinain Merits: The difference between being an "Enchanted," having the 4 pt. Kinain merit, and just having "Fae Affinity" was never really well explained, so here is my resolution.

Revised Bastet Stats: A "revision" of Bastet transformation stats, since many people complained that the ones in the sourcebook were either too weak or too powerful.

New Jamak Spirits: Two new Spirits to make your Bastet character's life more interesting.

The World of Darkness and all related concepts are copyrighted to White Wolf Game Studios. This is a free resource to fellow players and by no means do I intend to challenge White Wolf's rights regarding these products. Who do you think I am, the producer of Underworld?


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