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For My Guests

Thanks for visiting Death Quaker's Realm! You may wish to read the disclaimers for this site.

One day, I will have a guestbook, which is really why I have a "guests" link on the navigation bars. However, it'll be awhile before I get that done. In the meantime, please e-mail your feedback to I welcome all praise, criticism, questions, suggestions, and ideas (however, I do humbly request that if you do have ideas for my site, to please send them to me in ONE [preferably proofread] email, instead of sending 10 separate emails of half-formed thoughts and Barbra Streisand quotes all in one day).

I reply to all feedback (eventually), positive or negative, provided it is politely written and conveys a reasonable level of rationality. Rudeness, hatefulness, and excessive profanity will be ignored. Unless I have been rude, hateful, or excessively profane, in which by all means chew me out.


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