The World of Ohmarr
Welcome to the world of Ohmarr, where lands that once supported civilizations both beautiful and fearsome are now ravaged and transformed beyond recognition by the energies of a devastating magical storm. Civilization has only just managed to re-build itself, after land squabbles between the storm survivors have more or less settled and new homes and strongholds have been established along the East Coast of the Continent of Asar. "Settled life" doesn't satisfy many Ohmarrans, however, and adventurers train in the ways of the sword and spell in order to explore and re-conquer the magically mutated lands now known only as the Wilderness.


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The World of Ohmarr is a fantasy world created for use for a Dungeons and Dragons d20 System game. The campaign information here is posted for players' use within the restrictions of the Open Game License published by Wizards of the Coast for the d20 System. You must have the Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook to play this game. The campaign world itself is MY (Death Quaker's) creation, and all original material belongs to me, ©2002. Please do not use or reproduce any of the original world material without my permission or without crediting me.

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