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This is chronological listing of additions and corrections to my site, most recent first. Do note my Blog updates will not be noted here–I will be updating that frequently enough (hopefully) it would take up too much room to note every single addition to it.

9/7/03: Okay, so I swallowed my pride and I'm staying. Click the link for the explanation. Moreover, I've upgraded to Plus so NO MORE ADS.

8/20/03: Angelfire has, after five years of my loyal presence here, finally managed to piss me off for good. Please read my Announcement.

8/16/03: The Otakon 2003 Report is up! So I promise I'll stop talking about it now. I also fixed the touché tally in chapter 2 of Jury's diary (see below).

8/14/03: Revised and fixed the existing chapters of Jury Arisugawa's Diary, my sort-of-in-the-style-of-Bridget-Jones fanfic, and we'll hope I'll finish the remaining two or three chapters before the next decade. Working on my Otakon report and some gaming site updates, so stay tuned!

8/7/03: This isn't much of an update, but I replaced the song lyrics on the Wakaba Character Page in the Utena section to ones I thought worked better. And yes, you can tell which movie I've been watching constantly all week. Now that life's settling, I'm hoping to do more updates (AFTER Otakon is over) so WATCH THIS SPACE!

7/4/03: Added another test to the Net Tests and fixed and added a couple more links at Family, Friends, and Freaks. Also deleted an unused graphic so my account stopped showing that I was using "6.66 MB" of server space, because these days everything is making me superstitious. Working on some Utena site upgrades but don't know if they'll be up later today or not.

6/24/03: Added another test to the Net Tests page and added/cleaned up some links and re-alphabetized at Family, Friends, and Freaks. Which, while I'm thinking about it, if you have your own URLs you'd like to share and be seen on my illustrious site, now's a good time to let me know.

6/9/03: Revised and added to the Languages section in my D&D Campaign setting of Ohmarr. Also did some minor tweaks to the Chicks Who Kick Ass Shrine, something I hope to more majorly overhaul soon.

6/8/03: Updated my bio page, which thanks to Ericka, features a recent photograph, rather than one that is almost 7 years old.

5/18/03: News for Tenchi fans: did some updates to the AIC BBS/Tenchi FAQ. Also fixed some info on the SimTenchi page that somehow didn't get saved the last time I tried, and unfortunately had to get a bit rude about some of the information, but you wouldn't believe some of the idiocy I've had to deal with, so I apologize to those of you who aren't idiots.

5/4/03: Added a character analysis of Jury, which contains SPOILERS, to the Utena character section. I'm still heavily sucked into Neverwinter Nights but hopefully will be able to pull myself away from that evil, soul-sucking game often enough to continue to produce further updates to the Utena section (one day it WILL be finished!) and to the site as a whole.

4/17/03: WOOT! I'm more than halfway to getting my Utena shrine to where I want it to be. The Sim Utena section is completed, and some finishing tweaks have been made to the Characters section. Also added a little blurb of analysis called Ruminations on a Game of Lawn Tennis. Finally, I removed the link to "Ever After" because it sucked. More on its way, after Easter (or maybe even during, depending on computer access).

4/9/03: IMPORTANT to my D&D Players: Added the description of the Town of Tennek to my campaign world, and did some tweaks to the layout (some tweaking still needs to be done). Also am working on Some more Utena site updates; SimUtena is sort of up but not completely there yet.

4/5/03: Okay, technically it's the 6th by now, but I'm planning to do more updates in the real tomorrow. Anyway, I've added a characters section to my Utena shrine, and also added an editorial note to part 4 of Reaching (yes, that one Utena fanfic I wrote). Also fixed a minor problem to this page. More updates should be on their way, particularly to the Utena and Ohmarr sections.

3/22/03: Added Let's Blame the French! to my Rants. Also added an important WARNING to Tenchi Sims Skin users on my Sim Tenchi page.

3/17/03: Added Thoughts on Iraq to the Essays section.

3/12/03: Updated several pages in my World of Ohmarr D&D Campaign Setting, including some major additions to the Cosmology page.

3/3/03: Added to and re-organized my Personality Test Page. Also did the monthly blog archive.

2/10/03: Added another Utena fanfic (incomplete, as of yet): Jury Arisugawa's Diary, which is written in the spirit of Bridget Jone's Diary.

2/6/03: Added a teeny tiny story to my Teeny Tiny Utena Shrine. Hoping to add more stuff in the future so it is not quite so teeny tiny.

1/22/03: Added the Teeny Tiny Utena Shrine in all its teeny tiny glory.

1/21/03: Added new information and edited old information to my D&D Campaign Setting.

1/20/03: Added Who's the New Girl?, a story by my friend Kzinfuzz, to my Tenchi fanfic pages. Also switched "No Place for Spirituality" from Rants to Essays. BTW, I plan on working on further updates and edits soon, so if you have any suggestions or corrections for the site, NOW is a good time to Submit Them. Submit! SUBMIT! *wha-crack!* Call me Mistress! Ahem.

12/15/02: Added a single little quote to my Quote Board>. In other news, I've managed to get my Blog updated about every other day or so, so far so good.

12/12/02: Added the Blog Header to my blog. Also temporarily removed a link to one of my rants; needed to do some fixing–just letting you know it's not an error, should you come across it.

12/10/02: Added the "Shinobu from Love Hina" test result to my Personality Test Page.

12/7/02: Added the Blog. Yet one more thing I will be crappy about updating. But we shall see...

12/4/02: Officially added on the campaign material for the D&D setting I have devised: The World of Ohmarr. Updated the Rep page. Separated out some of my more serious rants into a new Essays section, but you will have to wait a little while longer to see new material there. Also, I forgot to note that a little while ago I did get around to adding the pictures to illustrate Reaching.

11/1/02: Happy Samhain! It's fanfic day, yay! I added chapter 2 to my Tenchi fanfic Partners Again and REVISED my Utena fanfic Reaching. I was supposed to add pictures to "Reaching" but I'm too tired to tonight. Soon.

10/2/02: Added a brand-spanking-new Pictures section to my site, in case you haven't noticed. All the work in it is original. I'll hopefully have more (especially drawings) to add later, but my scanner access is infrequent at the moment. Also randomly decided to update Annie O'Dugan's character bio.

9/28/02: Added Glrrrrg! to my Rants section. Added many more test results to the DQ According To... page. Did some much needed updating to my Family, Friends, and Freaks links. Added the link of the Live Action Roleplaying Message Board to my Gaming page, and I might as well repeat it HERE!

9/25/02: Added Lost Thoughts to Rants and Ramblings. Slowly working on more updates... stay tuned.

8/1/02: Added Memoirs from Otakon 2002 to the Commericals section.

7/18/02: Edited the Baltimore Ramble and added a new ramble, More on SendaCrush and Other Annoyances. Added weird little Utena fanfic When the End Begins. Oh, and yesterday I added a piece of Tenchi fanart and some new Tenchi fan fiction.

7/12/02: Added two new rambles, Con Reminiscences and Other Stuff and Baltimore Ramble. Did a brief update to the Tenchi FAQ.

7/2/02: Re-added a new Me Page which includes some Personality Test Results, and I updated the old Rep Page although it's not very exciting.

6/20/02: Added Now We Are (Twenty) Six to the Rants and Ramblings. Also, someone please remind me to lower the resolution of my banner.

6/3/02: Added Prince Tenjou, an Utena filk to the tune of a song from Hair, as well as my friend Bill's Tentacle Porn Hoedowns to the Song Parodies. Added two new (or rather, old) stories to my Tenchi fanfics page. I think I updated something else too, but I can't remember what it is now.

5/29/02: Added Turning the Key to Rants and Ramblings and added two poems. Also revised Reaching.

5/28/02: Added A Little Resistance Tale to the Rants and Ramblings, and FINALLY got a header I liked, thanks to the suggestions of Dasbender.

5/21/02: Added the completed version of Reaching, a Revolutionary Girl Utena fanfic, to my Stories Page.

5/20/02: Added Observations on Ironies and Other Things to the Rants and Ramblings.

5/2/02: Added There is an Annoying Person Who Keeps "Sending A Crush" to me to the Rants and Ramblings section. Added Tenkoy's award pictures to my Kiyone fan fiction. Fixed link colors in Tenchi section.

5/1/02: Added Master of my own destiny to my ramblings. Added Reaching, chapter 1 of an Utena fanfic. Added Miki, an Utena filk, to my song parodies. Linked my Tenchi Muyo pages officially to my main page. Deleted dead links off of various links pages, and made lots of little fixes to various things.

4/18/02: Changed DQ pic to comic version on the About Death Quaker page.

4/7/02: Added the ARGH rant to my Rants and Ramblings page, and added a new quote.

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