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Here is my small collection of comic-style drawings (and imitations of other comic-style drawings).

"Epic Proportions" test page: I got a random idea for a fantasy comic (as every gamer in the world seems to do at some point). This is a test page of sorts; it's made from quite rough pencils and there are no decent backgrounds, and I realized how much I really need a graphic drawing pen. If this project takes off, the events on this page will be redrawn and recolored. But hey, BONUS ACTIVITY: fill in your own dialogue.

Corn Syrup Boy: Comic Death Quaker's faithful sidekick, unseen before except in my sketchbook. Was playing around with learning to color.

Order of the Stick Fanart - Drawings (mostly avatars) and fanart in the style of Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick.

The Death Quaker Salute!: My Avatar, ready to conquer Injustice, or at least make it very very wet. Pencil, Ink, and Photoshop colors.

Oracle Bird Go Force 5000x! - A very rough, quickly-drawn piece of Birds of Prey fanart, depicting my thoughts on what the comic book would be like if it were a "Magical Girl" style Japanese comic.


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