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Photos and Photoshoppos

Yeah, yeah, I know "Photoshopped" images can be frowned upon among the Elite of Internet artists, but I'm neither elite nor an artist, so what do I care? I like to play with those "filter" and "layer" buttons. And many of these aren't "Photoshopped" at all (beyond simple corrections for brightness/contrast, etc.).

Layers of Cats–an amusing pic of an former housemate's cat. Count all the kitties in the picture.

Neon Cathedral–the University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning, through a neon filter. Nothing really high tech on my end, but it looked cool. The original is much less interesting, although that gothic spire is always impressive to me.

Fountain of Mirth– The fountain outside the Frick Fine Arts building at the University of Pittsburgh. I believe it's supposed to be humanity soothing Pan or something. I had a neat version of this which had been tweaked and enhanced with some filters but I have no idea what happened to it.


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