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About R.O.D.Q.

Obligatory disclaimer (in case you missed the fine print below): Read or Die, Read or Dream, R.O.D the TV, and all related concepts were created by Hideyuki Kurata and are ©2003 Aniplex/Studio Orphee.

This fansite covers all of the R.O.D-related stuff I've encountered (the OAV, the TV series, and the two manga series), but the focus is on R.O.D the TV. The material here assumes you have watched this show, so please be aware there will be spoilers for the TV series (I will mark where appropriate). I do not recommend viewing the pages here unless you have seen the whole thing; there are things that happen in the series that would suck if they were spoiled for you. Why does it focus mostly on R.O.D the TV? 'Cause it's my favorite, that's why.

I very much appreciate feedback, and if you have anything to say about this site, I would love to hear it, as long as it is shared politely. Negativity is fine–I might need to be corrected! But outright rude flaming will be ignored. You can contact me at mistress@deathquaker.org.

Note that anything I state factually I will try to support to show that it is fact. If I fail to do so, please feel free to contact me and beat me over the head. Anything that sounds speculative is speculative and should not be misconstrued for fact; likewise for opinions, and there are LOTS of opinions here. If you want to quote anything from R.O.D.Q, please credit me properly. Would Yomiko Readman cite without attribution? Of course not. And certainly it would distress her to know of such horrible crimes against text. Do you want sad Yomiko to be on your conscience?

Should you wish to link to my site, I'd be absolutely delighted. Feel free to do so. If you've time, I'd appreciate it if you'd email me to let me know you've done so (and I can then reciprocate!). If you want to be extra nice to me, please note my home page as well, Death Quaker's Realm of Love, Joy, and Mass Destruction.

If you would like me to link to you, please contact me. I can't promise I will link to you, but I'd love to connect with R.O.D fans where possible. The only reasons I would not link to you was if your site contained excessively vulgar and/or pornographic content, or if you offered downloads of R.O.D materials that are easily commercially available. Porn and piracy have their place, but not at my Web site.

Thanks, and may Paper always be with you!

Death Quaker's Realm All original creative materials © 2005 R. Pickard. Read or Die, R.O.D. the TV and all related concepts were created by Hideyuki Kurata and are ©2003 Aniplex/Studio Orphee.
Contact: mistress@deathquaker.org