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What makes R.O.D. in its various forms stand out above other spies-with-superpowers stories is its utterly superb characterization. The characters are so well-written I have actually declared my intention to marry one of them, despite my having just enough sense of reality to know that they are actually just cartoons.

Note that the descriptions and analyses within will contain ginormous spoilers for both the Read or Die OAV and R.O.D. the TV (and for the Paper Sisters, the Read or Dream manga). I personally advise you NOT to read these, especially if you have not seen all of the R.O.D the TV in particular; there will be information revealed about the characters that you will not want to hear and be confused by without knowing the full story as seen in the series.

Also note that some will be more detailed than others, and I reserve the right to be biased as I want when discussing the characters (though I do try to make most of my analyses objective, and will try to separate blind fangirlishness from fact and intelligent speculation wherever possible).

Note also that it will take me approximately forever to put up character pages on everyone, so don't hold your breath about this page being complete any time soon.

Yomiko Readman: Mild mannered substitute teacher or amazing action heroine?
Nancy Makuhari: Mata Hari for the 21st Century, or the genetically engineered combination of Aeon Flux and Kitty Pryde?
Wendy Earhart: Enthusiastic tea girl or evil genius?
Joseph "Joker" Carpenter: Proof that "polite" and "charismatic" does not equal "good."
Drake Anderson: Will he ever have his lucky day?
Junior: A psychotherapist's wet dream.

Nenene Sumiregawa: Sassy young author or sassy young author?
Michelle Cheung: Lovable ditz with the skills of an assassin.
Maggie Mui: Tomboy, Intellectual, Angel.
Anita King: Some call her the "eldest" Paper Sister, but she still picks her nose.

Other Characters and Character Relations:
Sonny Wong and the Paper Sisters: What Were Dokusensha's Goals?


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