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Fan Works

Paper Valentines: The Paper Sisters try to celebrate Valentine's Day Japan style, but as usual manage to put their own spin on things. A story of friendship and love, dipped in semi-sweet chocolate.

Twas the Night With the Papers: A holiday poem with a familiar tone; how the Paper Sisters save Christmas, for themselves and all of Japan! You must have seen up to episode 21 or so to understand the poem.

Secret Agent, Ma'am: A filk recounting Yomiko's OVA adventures. Guess the song it's based on. Guess!

Sonny Wong at Home: My imagining of Sonny's life when he's not killing people. Well, come on--he is a paper master. Digital inks/colors.

Maggie in color: A quick sketch that was used to practice coloring things digitally. It's not a great picture, but since I spent a lot of time on it, I feel like I ought to share.

Maggie with book: A semi-"realistic" style graphite drawing of Maggie Mui. The scanner dropped some of the softer lines... and damn is her hair hard to draw! It's hard to figure out how it "flows" from the scalp.

No Lost Words Between Them: A cute (conceptually, anyway) pic of Nenene and Maggie. Pencil sketch cleaned up in Photoshop.

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