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Maggie I've always wanted to be a writer, but I'm bad at finishing what I start. I love to read, but my foray into graduate school ironically turned me off of reading for awhile. I watched R.O.D the TV and suddenly all I could think of was all of the ideas I've never written down, and all of the wonderful ideas of other writers I have yet to savor. Odd, that an animation might inspire one to literary efforts. And yet, of course, it is fun in its own right as well–it and its predecessor, Read or Die: fantastic stories of friendship, wrapped in a shell of heartpounding action and intrigue.

Last updated 14 February 2008; new story "Paper Valentines" added under "Fanworks." I have another story coming soon, so if you find this page in a few months and there's still no update, bug me! If the "mistress" address doesn't work, email me at guess-the-username at gmail dot com. More on this shrine, disclaimers, and warnings here.

The Characters: The heart of what makes the R.O.D. universe so great. Descriptions and analyses.

Fanworks: This is the type of show that gets my creative juices going. So I didn't make the characters up; consider these a concerted effort at making a proper tribute.

Guide to ElePaper Action: It's hard to find complete, English-language info on this R.O.D based doujin game, so HERE YOU GO.

R.O.d20: Paper Master Advanced Class, Character Stats, and setting notes for the d20 Modern roleplaying system.

Read or Sim!: As the original game captured my obsession with other animes, I had some fun in The Sims2 with the R.O.D. characters.

Miscellaneous and Links: Attempts to understand the R.O.D canon, lost Paper Masters, links to other R.O.D sites and national libraries, and other things.

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