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Miscellaneous and Links

Read or What? A somewhat rambling look at the different "R.O.D" series and how they relate. And for the last time, the title of the TV series is "R.O.D the TV" and not anything else!

If you think a site should be linked to R.O.D.Q.–or if you object to or need to correct a link I have–please feel free to let me know. I can't guarantee I'll add all suggestions but if I do not take yours I'll give a fair reason.

Geneon's Official R.O.D the TV Site: Has some neat, shiny stuff, but sadly, they apparently stopped updating it halfway through its release. Lord knows what "release date" they refer to on the site; the series finished coming out on DVD in summer 2005.

The Read or Die Wiki: Maintained by a group of talented data-gathering fans, the R.O.D wiki is a growing source of information about the series. Like all Wikis, it's a work in progress, but there is some very useful information there.

Chick Lit AMV: The link takes you to a Youtube page, where lies the most brilliant R.O.D AMV I have ever seen, made by Sarah the Boring.

The British Library: The actual, real one, which, as far as I know, is just a library (at least that's what they want us to think). Has nothing to do with R.O.D, really; I just thought it would be fun to link to it. I recommend checking out the sound archives.

The National Diet Library: And while we're at it, here is the English page of Japan's national library, the real-life version of the institution where Yomiko Readman made her second home.

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