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Why I Love Mihoshi

Mihoshi is not dumb

Filk and Other Silliness
Science Fiction Tenchi Feature: A filk based on "Science Fiction Double Feature" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tenchi Tenchi Tenchi: A filk based on "Touch-a Touch-a Touch me," also from the RHPS

I Won't Be Your Ryoko Oni: A filk based on Dar Williams's "I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono"

The Tenchi Tentacle Porn Hoedown: A silly song written by Kzinfuzz, inspired by Who's Line Is It, Anyway?

The Tenchiverse According to Pants: A silly, dare I say stupid thing, written during a manic, sleep-deprived moment when still in grad school (during finals). If you are manic and sleep-deprived, you may find it amusing as well.

Disclaimer: I suck at maintaining links lists, which is why this is so short–I list what I visit most and/or know isn't going to change frequently. If there is something you feel should absolutely must be included here (like, perhaps, your Tenchi site), by all means e-mail me the URL.

AIC: The anime production company that gave us Tenchi in his many incarnations

The AIC BBS/Tenchi FAQ: A Tenchi and message board user guide for the members of the AIC BBS, originated from a FAQ I made and now revised and maintained by Astronerdboy (god bless him).

Tenchi Muyo! Another Universe: One of the best Tenchi resource sites out there.

Tenkoymuyo.net: Not Tenchi-specific, I include it here because it grew out of the Tenchi Muyo! Fanfiction Writers League. A site for writers of both fanfiction and original works.

The Tenchi Muyo! Fanfiction Archive: Pretty much what it says. To be honest, I haven't been there lately, but there is an old fic of mine buried in there somewhere.

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