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Tenchi Fanart

Well, a Tenchi page has to have some art, doesn't it? I won't make any great claims to artistic fame, but I have fun drawing once in awhile. Here are a few of my pics–unfortunately I no longer have access to a scanner, so updates here will be infrequent–my apologies. But please enjoy this small collection! The links will take you to the full size images.

Ryoko Smiling Our favorite space pirate looking cute. Colored using Photoshop; still figuring out the nuts and bolts of that process as you can tell.

Ryoko Smiling (b&w): The original pencil sketch of the above.

Mihoshi: Greeting someone in the onsen, perhaps? My first attempt at drawing something completely in Photoshop–and thus, not great, but I wasn't going to just let it sit on my hard drive after all that work!

Mihoshi and Kiyone: Why's Mihoshi smiling like that, and why is Kiyone blushing? Figure it out for yourself. (Yeah, I got Mihoshi's hair wrong... oh well.)

Mihoshi looking forlorn: A very rough sketch, when I was still figuring out how to draw her, but I like the facial expression. I drew this on an airplane after a visit to some friends, so I was feeling lonely.

Little Kiyone: A silly, semi-chibi pic of Kiyone looking mad.

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