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Tenchi Fanfics

No, not all my fanfics I've written involve Mihoshi (although admittedly, a lot of them do). I will accept some donations; please e-mail me if you are interested, and let me know how large the file is BEFORE you mail it. I will not accept submissions if they are sent without author's name, contact information, title, and description.

Donated Fics
Who's the New Girl? by Kzinfuzz. An extremely funny, entertaining romp through space. A pirate reports that she's stolen Sasami away from Tenchi and crew! Of course they'll stop at nothing to get her back! But who is this pirate anyway, and what is her obsession with Sasami?

My Fics
Partners Again: While visiting headquarters, Mihoshi runs into her former partner Kiyone, and the pair join forces to chase down a pirate. Chapters 1 and 2 up. Based in an OAV1&2-plus-Mihoshi-Special-based universe.

No Need for Friendship: A bad day forces Kiyone to re-think her priorities. Based in the TV (Tenchi Universe) continuity. I am honored to have received commendations from Tenkoy Masaki for this fic; the award details are at the bottom of the fic.

Fanfics from the Vaults

I started writing fanfic basically as an exercise as well as a distraction from doing schoolwork; going through my hard drive I discovered a had a bunch of stories that weren't half bad, even if a lot of them were experimental, and I decided to clean them up and share them with you. I separate them from my other fics because a lot of them were written to sort out possible plot ideas and character motives, and may not reflect my "official" views on certain characters.

Ryoko's Apology: I seem to have gotten a habit of writing sentimental glop in my fanfics. Actually I quite like this one; I almost considered putting it in my main fanfic section above. What do you think? And it's *GASP* not about Mihoshi!!!! Based on the OAV series and True Tenchi Novels.

Harlequin: A somewhat melancholy vignette about Mihoshi and Washu. Set in an OAV/Mihoshi Special-based universe. Some elements of Mihoshi's story I may end up using in a future fic.

No Need for a New Job: Kiyone has a mysterious new job she won't tell anyone about. A silly story I came up with while bored at work, set in the TV1 (Tenchi Universe) continuity.

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