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Mihoshi welcomes you!

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki was one of my first real anime obsessions. Share the addiction!

Please note, this site was last updated in 2004 and I have few plans, if any, to update it, as of right now. This is just a collection of stuff I put together for this show.

For my own creative expressions of Tenchi fandom, please see my small collection of Fanfics and Fanart. I also accept donations.

Fans of The Sims–and fans of silly Tenchi situations–will enjoy the SimTenchi! photo albums.

The Et Cetera section contains some miscellaneous Tenchi-related musings, essays, and meanderings, as well as a small collection of links.

When you're done here, I invite you to visit my main site if you haven't already: Death Quaker's Realm. It features more anime stuff, role-playing game stuff, and my creative works. Thanks and please come again!

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