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Most recent updates listed at top; old updates listed in the archive.

22 October 2011: Holy cow! Two updates in one month! The miniatures page got some updates and reorganization, including the addition of pictures of my Sisters of Battle army.

13 October 2011: Yes, I'm alive. I added a new page in the R.O.D.Q section, a guide to the doujin game, ElePaper Action.

4 January 2009: Added two new photo pages for miniatures I painted: an Eldar Titan Conversion and a Dragon-fight diorama.

6 October 2008: I post an essay/op-ed/rant on EA's use of SecuROM in Spore and other games: As "Spore" Spawns a Lawsuit, EA Still Misses the Point.

16 August 2008: Added my report on Otakon for 2008 in the Anime section, as well as, in fact, the report on Otakon 2006 because apparently two years ago, I forgot to do that. I sometimes wonder how I remember anything, really. I'm pretty sure there have been other updates to this site between now and February, but lord knows what they were.

14 February 2008: First updates for 2008! You'll see I cleaned up this page and put the last... oh, three years or so log of updates into the archive (link above and below), and I got my (revised) version of my fanfic Paper Valentines loaded to the R.O.D shrine.

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