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Update Archive: October 8, 2003-July 28, 2004

This is the list of updates comprising the lengthy, nearly year-long effort to get my site updated and converted to what I call the "blue template." Older, pre-"blue template" updates are here.

7/28/04: My Utena fanfic Reaching has been throughly revised and converted to the new page template. I think I did some other more minor maintenance bits over the past couple weeks, but I can't remember what they are specifically. Stay Tuned.

6/11/04: I'm becoming so fed up with the PCRPG Temple of Elemental Evil I sat down and wrote a review of it for my Commercials section.

6/10/04: Did some maintenance on the blog format, deleted the "site affiliates" from my links because Tenkoymuyo was the only one and they're now defunct, and updated the Utena Miscellany section to the new template. Also added a Requests and Demands of the Mistress to give viewers some notes about linking to my site and other stuff.

5/31/04: All of the SimUtena Albums are updated and optimized for fast table rendering. Sure it doesn't look like I did much but it took for friggin' ever. Also, in the Gaming section, fixed some minor errors and did some stat adjustments on the Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment NPC 3.5 Conversions.

4/26/04: I have finally started uploading the converted-to-new-template pages in the Utena section. There are a few pages to go (the long and hard ones... *groan*) and then keep an eye out for new content. I really mean it this time, I promise.

2/19/04: Just a small change–added a "site affiliates" subheading on my Links page and added the link to under that. "Site Affiliate" basically means "site that has similar interests that has agreed to do a link exchange with me."

2/16/04: SimTenchi is finally back–and much better designed! And with that, the Tenchi section is at last restored. I also added a silly thing about Tenchi and pants. A few writings to add (maybe) and then onto the monumental task that will be updating the Utena shrine...

2/1/04: The Tenchi Et Cetera section is online. Only SimTench to go (and then it's onto Utena... *sweatdrop*)

1/31/04:FINALLY! The restoration of the Tenchi Muyo! section has begun. After computer breakdowns, holidays, and other distractions (stupid real life) my Tenchi site is coming back. Fanart and Fanfiction restored and updated. SimTenchi and Misc is on its way soon, I really mean it!

12/13/03: I added the Anime Misc section which is a restoration of some stuff from the old stuff. I'm behind on updating my Tenchi, for which I apologize, but expect to finish it within the next few days.

12/05/03: This is sort of an antithesis of an update, but I've temporarily removed most of the Tenchi Muyo! site for redesign. I expect to have it back up and in new design within the week.

11/17/03: I'm going to call the Gaming section officially done! Of course, there's always more to add, but I've gotten my biggest and most urgent projects done: First of all, the Cosmology page for The World of Ohmarr has finally been re-written–even if you're not a gamer, check it out! It's a new creation myth. Second, I've added Minsc, Jaheira, and Haer'Dalis to the Baldur's Gate II NPC Conversions, which doesn't complete the set but is more than enough for me for now. Now it's onto re-working the anime sections (maybe after I move out of my apartment, so there may be more of a delay than I thought)–whew! See you in a few weeks!

11/09/03: The About section is up in its full three page glory! I don't know who the hell will ever read it, but there it is. I also fixed the character sheet template and added Fall-from-Grace to my Baldur's Gate and Torment 3.5 Conversions.

11/06/03: Just a few small things: the Revised Kinain Merits page is back up, so no more broken link there. Also some minor tweaks and fixes on the Baldurs Gate/Torment Character Conversion sheets. The "About section" will be in place soon.

11/03/03: The Gaming section is up at last! Yay! Still need to tweak and add some material, but the large bulk of it is there. I reorganized it a bit from the old version, so take a looksee. Also, speaking of gamers, I've added Jenn's and Mei Ling's links to the Friends, Family, and Freaks page. Jenn's is a brand new site; Mei I thought I had her URL from awhile ago but for some reason didn't, and obviously I had to fix that.

10/30/03: I was feeling bad that I didn't have the gaming section ready, and I still don't, so instead I uploaded a poem I meant to add back in August. It's called Heat Advisory, and it's of course ironic that I am now freezing my ass off in my apartment.

10/19/03: Phew! The massive Writings section is entirely restored now! I went through them all and checked things, but there were a LOT of pages, so if you should notice something amiss (the wrong title pasted onto the essay, etc.) please let me know. ALSO the Links section is back up, although only leading to the Internet Personality Tests and to the Family, Friends, and Freaks Page. To the latter page I added a NEW link to my friend Bill's site.

10/14/03: The Stories and Verse (aka fiction and poetry) sections have been restored! You too can now read "Romance at Zelbit's Diner" once again. No new content (yet) but I did some minor revisions while I was going through them.

10/13/03: The Pictures section is now back online.

10/12/03: Partly in thanks to my extremely graphically talented friend Tony, who gave me a beautiful idea for the main page, I think I have actually finalized the index and general page templates!!! Wooooo! All the header pics are finished and a "guests" link has been added, largely to remind me that after I finish EVERYTHING else, I need to make a Guestbook. I also fixed the DQ graphic in the blog (again).

10/09/03: Before I had a fit of insecurity, I put up the writings directory index and the verse index (but still no actual content of said section). I also fixed the DQ picture in the Blog.

10/08/03: is up and running! Well, sort of! The main page is up, and the rebuild is slowly getting under way. More info in my construction notice.

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