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Update Archive: 29 July 2004-28 November 2008

11/28/07: Added a couple comic drawings to, lo and behold, the comics section.

09/23/07: Not exactly an update, but an FYI that I'm moving my blog over to my livejournal: Angelfire recently "improved" the interface which has made it more frustrating for me and my old geezer way of doing things to try and write entries. Note that on many of my old pages, the link to "blog" will still go to the blog on this server, because I have too many pages and not enough time to change the code. Aah, good old fashioned HTML.

09/21/07: Sheesh, has it been two months since any update? I ought to be ashamed. Nothing really exciting to note, unfortunately, just updated the Stick Figure fan art.

07/15/07: A few more R.O.D.Q updates: Michelle gets her d20 stats, a filk about Yomiko appears, and a few favorite shots get posted to the Read or Sim page.

07/05/07: Major update to R.O.D.Q, adding the "R.O.d20" RPG section (this section is also linked in Gaming). I also took the time to revise and clean up the Maggie and Nenene essays and the "Read or What" explanation, among general tweaks. More updates are planned, but I know better at the moment to promise a deadline.

05/25/07: Added a rant/lament in the Pop Culture Review Section, on the proposed new "Bionic Woman" series.

04/20/07: Stealth update! Just randomly decided to put up a new fighter-bard build for Haer'Dalis in my PC RPG NPC conversion page, which otherwise has not been updated in three years. I eventually want to get back to that project, though I don't know if that's going to happen soon. There have been some other un-logged updates, mostly minor in nature. I am going to majorly update the R.O.D site, within the next month or so, AFTER I finish a non-Website project that should be done within the next week, so keep an eye out for that. If lucky and productive, there may be other updates as well. Lord knows I've been neglectful of this site of late.

10/29/06: The R.O.D.Q page got updated, with some fan art added and entries on the "Read or What?" and Nenene character analysis edited and updated.

8/13/06: The Utena page received some updates, including the completion of Jury Arisugawa's Diary and tweaks to Anj's soundtrack lists and the AFU FAQ.

6/16/06: I have posted a rant about Why I Will Not Buy the New Wonder Woman #1.

6/11/06: Look! Not an anime update! I updated the Miniatures page in the Gaming section, adding pictures of my D&D figs and Alex's Menoth boxset, plus adding a list of my own modeling preferences/techniques.

6/6/06: I forgot to note the update when I updated, but I'm pretty sure I updated on this date, adding more material to the R.O.D Site (check characters and fanworks).

5/29/06: There is more than you ever wanted to know about Maggie Mui at R.O.D.Q. In bigger news, I have added the whole entire mirror of Anj's Quick'n'Dirty Utena Page at my Utena Shrine, plus did a quick edit to the AFU FAQ to reflect this.

6/6/06: I added some more pages to R.O.D.Q (spoilerific): an analysis of Nenene, a discussion of The Paper Sisters and Sunny Wong, and a picture put in Fanworks.

5/19/06: I updated the What page in my R.O.D site. More content for that site soon, I hope, if I can figure out where the heck I put my character writeups.

5/5/06: I finally gave the "comics" section of my "pictures" area some content: my Rich Burlew-style fanart, aka "Stick" Drawings. I have also updated my D&D 3.5 Houserules. I also completely failed to re-design my index page as I'm tired of the "crooked" look, something I've wanted to do for awhile, but I've clearly forgotten some essentials of nice HTML table design and gave up in frustration after an hour of having the cell containing the "Guests" link place itself roughly 85 feet away from the rest of the page. So it's asymmetric and tableless for now, but hopefully I'll figure out how to tweak it later. I really should learn CSS, but there are also a lot of other things I really should do that will probably never happen.

3/2/06: Over time I've been slowly adding to and tweaking R.O.D.Q.. It's still far from being a real fan site, but there's some random babble and a pretty picture. And though I don't post when I update it, do note I have been posting to my blog relatively frequently of late, for a change.

12/18/05: I've added a new anime shrine to Read or Die: R.O.D.Q. and uploaded my holiday fanpoem for R.O.D. the TV: 'Twas the Night with the Papers. I also am looking at various tweaks and updates I am long overdue in doing to the site; I don't know who the heck actually reads these update pages, if anyone, but if you happen to notice broken links (not on the R.O.D.Q. page; it's unfinished, obviously) and/or have any suggestions for improvement or content you want to see, now is a good time to let me know.

10/05/05: You know, today is actually October 8 but I forgot to add this when I did the actual update, which was the update of the FAQ. For those of you who don't give a dang about the AFU FAQ, please enjoy this poem about two friends of mine.

9/05/05: Updated my Doom in Miniature which, looking at this page, I realize I forgot to post when I actually added the page a couple months ago. It's pics of the 28mm miniatures I paint. Who knows, maybe there's some other updates I forgot as well?

5/24/05: Added a rant, Weep for the PC Gamer.

5/15/05: Updated the FAQ.

5/5/05: Uploaded review of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy film. I liked it. I may be the only Adams fan who did. *** This was revised on 5/11 but not really worth a separate entry to note.

4/19/05: Did some general "housecleaning" cleaning up some text and links on my main pages; FINALLY added Simian Hill to my Friends Links; added a new Archetype (Revolutionary) to my World of Darkness archetypes list.

4/18/04: Uploaded the FAQ to the Utena pages, because AFUers R my peeps.

2/22/05: Cleaned up the Gaming section, adding new dealer links, some D&D house rules, and acknowledging that my World of Darkness stuff is horridly out of date, what with the New WoD and all. By the way if anyone wants their gaming site added to my gaming links page, do let me know.

1/18/05: Added reviews of Guardians of Orders Ultimate Fan Guide to Utena, both Book 1 and Book 2.

12/09/2004: Finally added Chapter 4 of "Jury Arisugawa's Diary" up in the Utena fanfics. If I keep improving my time, that means I should get the story finished in a month and a half. Let's see how well I do.

11/12/2004: Added a rant/essay about my general disgust with both sides' reaction to the Presidential election: Post-Election 2004: It's Not a "Mandate" of Anything, and Stop Whining.

10/21/2004: Added a new rant, "Fat" is Not a Four-Letter Word.

9/30/2004: Added A Rant about Anime Fans by an Anime Fan. Also made some minor superficial changes to Partners Again based on some suggestions by Tenkoy/Shiro Aqua at The Writer's League. I hope to have more up but my productivity's been spotty... and I lost my Otakon review somewhere, which is why it's two months late... (I thought I'd uploaded it... oops!).

7/29/2004: HALLELUJAH!! I have FINALLY finished converting all the long-ass pages of Utena fan fiction and analysis to the new template. Moreover there's NEW Utena content: Chapter Three of Jury Arisugawa's Diary is finally uploaded (I only wrote it last February), as has been an Analysis of Ruka (spoilerific) and an obscenely-worded Ruka Rant. The old analyses of Jury have also been reformatted and are accessible via her Character Summary Page. If you missed yesterday's announcement, Reaching has also received a thorough revision. More analysis and a list of links are next–any content suggestions for the Utena page are welcome! Contact As to general site updates, you'll notice update notes since last October are now in the archive (link below).

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