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Wakaba in worship mode Long-standing loves of mine include roses, swords, twisted fairy tales, and angsty blade-swinging babes. Intellectually and academically, areas of continued fascination include topics of social gender construction and cross-dressing. And constant guilty weaknesses of mine include petite manipulative large-eyed women and dreams of impossible worlds beyond memory.

Oddly enough, a Japanese animation creation team called Be-Papas decided to make an anime that included all these things, and named it Revolutionary Girl Utena. Here is my little shrine to that marvelous anime that sometimes feels like it was made just for me.

Last updated 08/13/06 (Jury's Diary complete among other tweaks).

Characters: Both brief overviews and deeper analyses of the characters in the world of Utena.

Fanfics: Fantasies I probably ought to keep to myself. Fortunately, these are the PG-13 ones.

SimUtena: "Photo Albums" of Utena-based characters in the Sims computer game; even if you don't play the game you should hopefully get some amusement out of these.

Anj's Utena Soundtrack Index: This is a mirror of "Anj's Quick'n'Dirty Utena Page," which features complete tracklistings and their translations for all eight Utena Original Soundtracks. Useful, since only three of the eight OSTs have been re-printed with translations in the U.S.

Utena Miscellany contains serious and silly musings on the series, filksongs, reviews of Utena related products, and (eventually) a small collection of Utena-related links.

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