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Utena Miscellany

Analyses, reviews, filksongs, and general babble. Check out the Characters section for more analysis.

BESM Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Rose Collection, published by Guardians of Order.

BESM Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Black Rose Saga, published by Guardians of Order.

Ruminations on a Game of Lawn Tennis: An examination of the Jury/Miki/Utena/Nanami/Shiori/Kozue scene in Episode 37. In Utena, even a game of lawn tennis can have significance. Obviously contains spoilers for that episode.

Hey Miki: A filk about our favorite piano player, based on our favorite 80s cheerleader song.

Prince Tenjou: A little ditty of a filk, based on "Frank Mills" from Hair.

The Genki Song: A song dedicated to Wakaba, based on a song about a toy that goes down stairs.

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