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Dinner at SimOhtori... Utena discusses the dangers of getting into certain cars. After the success... or at least fun... of my Sim Tenchi project, I decided to re-create the lives of my favorite characters from Revolutionary Girl Utena in the world of The Sims. The results have been surprising and sometimes quite entertaining.

A NOTE to those of you looking for Sims Skins: Some fool of a Web directory compiler has written a description of my site saying I have Utena Sims skins. Unfortunately, this is not and never has been true; this is simply a collection of Sims photo albums. I apologize if you navigate here due to that description, but no one consulted ME about that particular description of my Web site, and sadly I've seen the misleading description now used in a number of Web directories.

If you want to know more about the skins I use, or anything else "mechanical" about my Utena Sims, please read my SimUtena FAQ. Please DO NOT e-mail me a question about my Utena Sims before reading this FAQ.

Below you'll find albums for two different Utena households, the "Kakumei Family" (Utena and Anthy) and the "Seitokai Family" (the Student Council and assorted friends/nemeses/relatives). The albums are divided by character groups, with a brief description of the characters, the breakdown of their character points, and their Sims Zodiac sign (not to be confused with their real Zodiac sign, which with rare exceptions are usually different). There's a lot more on the Seitokai family because quite frankly with all those diverse personalities it's just fun to sit back and watch the fur fly.

There will be no more updates to this, as I lost my old Sims files in a computer crash.

The SimUtena PhotoAlbums
Seitokai: Touga, Saionji, and Nanami: Matches Made in Hell
Seitokai: Miki and Kozue: The Twin Dilemma
Seitokai: Jury and Shiori: Jealousy and Miracles (and shoujo-ai galore)
Utena and Anthy: Happily Ever After?

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