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Sort of darkly and randomly humorous, which I think is actually appropriate for Anthy...

Prince Tenjou
by Death Quaker (deathquaker@hotmail.com)
(to the tune of "Frank Mills" from the musical Hair)

I met a Prince named Tenjou
At Ohtori Gakuen
In front of the rose garden
But unfortunately, she's left this address
She was last seen fighting my big brother
She resembles Oscar de Jarjayes from Versaille's Rose*
But she dyes her hair pink and has a sword wound
in her back
I love her; but it embarrasses her when I'd call her my fiancée
We lived in my brother's tower
Despite all, she freed my spirit
She would fight the council for my protection
Who challenged for my Miracle fame:
Jury, Touga
And Saionji
I would gratefully appreciate it if you see her tell her
I'm out in the world with my monkey, and please
Tell her that Chu Chu and I
don't want the Dios power back
Just her

* Yes, I know it's "Rose of Versailles," but that didn't fit

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