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There is (are) an Annoying Person(s) Who Keeps "Sending a Crush" to Me

Twice now I've gotten this weird cryptic message from ";" one said "Someone thought you had a crush on them, and the newest said "Someone (NEW) Wants to let you know they have a crush on you." Oooookaaaaaay...

For those of you who don't know what "" is, they are a web service that allows you to register with them, give them the e-mail address of a person you have a crush on, and they will send you an anonymous message to let you know you have a potential stalke- er, there is someone who "has a crush" on you. Then you register with Sendacrush to figure out who this person is.

First of all, this is the most stupid idea I have ever heard of in my life. Even if I were to use a third party to let someone know I had a crush on them, I would use a person I actually know, not a scamming website that will probably send your e-mail address out to every spammer in the universe.

Secondly, using a third party to let someone know you have a crush on them is just cowardly and lame. Using a website to let someone know you have a crush on them and force them to register with them so they can send your e-mail address to every spammer in the universe is even lamer.

Thirdly, it's quite possible that this is just a scam for me to register my information with someone who will then send it out to every spammer in the universe.

Finally, no one I know, as in personally, as in having met face to face, and even most of the cool people I only "know" from chatting with them online, would never do something so lame and cowardly and foolish as to let me know they had a crush on me by using . Meaning this person (or persons) is probably some random weirdo who got my e-mail address from the Tenchi message board who decided that since I'm a female anime/gamer geek that it might be cool to harass me or something.

Or in the really sad circumstances that this person really does think they have a crush on me... listen up, sad loser person: as I am 95% certain you have never met me before in real life, please know this: you don't know me. You only know what I look like, if at all, from a five-year-old picture on my personal description page. My means of communicating in written form online under the name "Death Quaker" does not fully indicate my personality... especially since most of what I talk about online is anime and comics. I do express more of my thoughts on this web page, but even though I share a lot of semi-personal stuff here, I still imagine it gives a distorted, or at least only partial, image of me. You don't know my behaviors, my mood swings, or my inspirations beyond "chicks who kick ass."

One thing I will let you know about me: I admire people who say what they want, and who aren't afraid to express their feelings. If you want to impress me, tell me about your crush to me. You obviously have my e-mail address already. Although quite honestly, considering I already think you are a sad and lonely and pathetic person, you will have to do a lot of impressing. Especially since I don't know who you are, and since you probably are someone I've never met before, I am highly unlikely to ever return the feelings.

On a broader note, I will say that I know it's hard to tell someone you (you now meaning in a broader "you" sense) are interested in them, be it a simple crush or something deeper. You put a lot on the line to do that. I'm not terribly good at it myself, but I try to get better. One thing I am proud of is that I've never used the "third party" system. I either completely wimp out and don't say anything at all, and accept the fact that I've defaulted to self-rejection, or I tell them. And usually when I've done the latter, I've felt better about it–even if all I got was "tough luck" as a response. The risk is worth it.

Maybe I'm far too pissed off at this than I should be. A crush is just a crush, a cute little flattered fancy... but no, it's still at least a relatively strong feeling and a personal one, and if you think it's worth letting me know about it, then let me know. I don't go for spineless wimps dependent on business-scamming websites to start a conversation. And if you are a pathetic little stalker boy trying to harrass me: piss off.


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