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Informal Reviews, observations on Pop Culture Icons, and other responses to entertainment media. Note most of my essays regarding Japanese animation will be found in an appropriate spot on one of my Anime Pages.

Check out my old Birds of Prey comic review column "Fight or Flight" at Women of Gotham. Maybe I should start reviewing again...

Stronger, Faster, Maybe. But Not Better. A Fan's Lament on the New Bionic Woman Series: New TV series on old concepts are fine, but don't take my Jaime away from me. 5/25/07.

Why I Will Not Buy the New Wonder Woman #1: See title. 6/16/06.

Weep for the PC Gamer: A rant about the decline of PC gaming, PC versus console games, and why video game marketers are sad, pathetic dumbasses.

Review of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie: Don't Panic! And have some fun, for god's sake–the world's about to end. (Revised 5/11/05)

Review of Temple of Elemental Evil: TOEE is a very inspiring game. Read the review to see what games TOEE inspires me to play so that I don't have to play it anymore.

Everything I Love in Sci Fi I Learned from Dr. Who (3/3/01) I originally wrote this as a list of what I liked in the sci fi genre for some GMs who were running RPGs in that mode. I don't think it was helpful, but I had fun writing it.

Old Computer Games I'd Like to See Remade (9/26/00)

Because I'm Addicted: Review of the game Diablo II (8/4/00)

For the heck of it: Review of the X-Men Movie (7/25/00).


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