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Everything I Love in Sci-Fi I Learned from Dr. Who

  1. The best space/time travel ship ever. Infinitely huge, but transdimensionally contained inside a phone-booth sized box currentlylooking like a 1960s British emergency call box.
  2. The eccentric supergenius scientist gets to save the day!
  3. The tough chick clad in a loincloth gets to save the eccentric supergenius scientist!
  4. Cyborgs, good, bad, and in between–cool abilities and always the greatest for exploring what it is to be human
  5. Sixteen-year-old girls habitually carrying home made nitroglycerin explosives
  6. Thwarting megalomania, colonialism, and people destroying theenvironment; i.e. as wacky as things get, the story can still have an important social message (not that we need an important social message in game, but a good motivation is a good motivation...)
  7. Pepper-shaker shaped Nazi aliens who always come back but always lose inthe end
  8. Cool villains–The Master, The Rani, The Cybermen (the vengeance-hungry power-seeker, the heartless scientist who sees the world as her experiment, the intelligent but formidable robot-type people (see also 4)
  9. Wacky costumes (check out those time lord collars!)
  10. Two Guardians of the Universe, one representing "good," one representing "evil," playing an eternal game of chess
  11. People/aliens with really cool abilities, such as regeneration,telepathy, and being able to climb a mountain in 3 inch stilletto heels
  12. Benevolent yet rouguish old men with mysterious histories
  13. The girl who everyone thinks is just eye candy actually outsmarting theeccentric supergenius scientist for once
  14. Having to solve problems without resorting to violence every singletime
  15. Amazing ancient secret artifacts which hold the key to the power of arace of people or a way of travel (i.e. The Hand of Omega)
  16. Jelly babies
  17. All severe annoyances will come to an end, including Adric
  18. Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow! (technobabble)
  19. Giant vacation cruise ships in space
  20. Brash stewardesses who say "Rabbits" when they want to swear
  21. Snappy one liners
  22. References to Greek mythology
  23. Realizing it was a plan the whole time
  24. Realizing it wasn't a plan the whole time
  25. It doesn't matter that the monsters are made of the paper mache becausethe acting is good enough that it's scary anyway


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