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Mostly these are commentaries and theories on life, politics, and other things I only allow myself to think about only occasionally (for health reasons). Also some occasional autobiographical narratives. Some of these were pulled out the older Rants and Ramblings.

As "Spore" Spawns a Lawsuit, EA Still Misses the Point: An in-depth look at the SecuROM controversy and how it's affected Spore's sales.(10/06/2008)

Post-Election 2004: It's Not a "Mandate" of Anything, and Stop Whining: This was almost informal enough for the rants, but I thought the serious political thoughts should stay with the Essays. This is a demand for both Democrats and Republicans to stop deluding themselves and get on with democracy. (11/12/04)

Eve of Destruction, but Whose? Thoughts on Iraq (3/17/03)

A Baltimore Ramble (7/12/02) Thoughts on a walk through the not-so-shiny districts of Baltimore.

A Little Resistance Tale (5/28/02) A story of two bumper stickers and a tiny, pathetically miniscule droplet of bravery.

Thoughts on the War (11/8/01) Concerns about Afghanistan and how we were dealing with it at the time.

No Place for Spirituality. (11/10/01) Having a spirituality is natural, so why are we embarrassed to talk about it?

Thoughts on a National Crisis (9/11/01) The date alone should tell you what it's about.

Media Influence and Violent Youth (and other violent people) (1/1/00) Video games don't kill people. People kill people. Really.

Get a clue: Bisexuality Defined (10/1/99). Almost left this in rants, but it's an important enough issue (to me) and a coherent enough essay that I pulled it over here.


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