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Hey, This'll Make Everyone Feel Better: Let's Blame the French!

In the midst of the worst tensions in the Middle East ever, at a time when our president declares a war which nearly half of his own constituents don't think should happen (let alone the majority of the world's population), many Americans have taken it upon themselves to point the finger at the true enemy of American democracy: France.

That's right, at a time when we are at war, when diplomatic tensions are running high, when we need to be supporting our troops and supporting the quick end to war and re-uniting the world, we react with "Freedom Fries" and the removal of Gruyere cheese from popular New York deli menus. Chirac is accused by so-called humorists of "kissing Saddam's ass." More seriously, certain politicians (like, say... our president) have found it necessary to make snide comments at France, intimating it is their fault that we were "forced" to go to war.


What exactly did the French do to us? They disagreed with us. God FORBID, in a society where we are supposed to be supporting open-mindedness and democracy, that someone offer a dissenting opinion. God FORBID, that another powerful nation in the world exercise the power–the power we agreed they should have as mutual members of the United Nations–to express and enforce that opinion in light of preserving the security of the world and of the United Nations. Just as Bush and his supporters have made their goals for forcing Iraq to disarm clear, Chirac and his fellows made it equally clear that they thought it was a mistake, and brought up specific, logical instances as to why. And since they actually had the balls to stick to their guns, now Congress has to rename their French-fried potatoes.

France forced us to make a move on our own? France didn't force us to do a damned thing! Bush and his administrators decided of their own free will to declare war on Iraq. They could have waited for inspections to finish. They could have listened to the world's–not just France's, the world's–pleas for more time, because Iraq had begun to demonstrate disarmament. Bush CHOSE, all by himself, not to listen to France nor anyone else, and went ahead with his war plan. We knew, ever since the Iraq issue was brought up in September, that Bush was likely at some point within the year going to declare war on Iraq, with or without UN support. France didn't change that. Nothing did. It was the Bush Administration's CHOICE. There's no "force" about it, except for the force that is now killing our soldiers, Iraqi soldiers, and Iraqi civilians. And that force comes from the Bush Administration ALONE.

I've got news for you: France is a democracy. It loves democracy. It's one of the most democratic nations out there. And you know what? WE would not be a the kind of democracy we are without them. The United American Colonies of the Commonwealth of Britain, that's what we would be without the French. So if we want to call the French "traitors" and "anti-democratic" for standing up for what they believe in, if we want to send back our French fries and French cheese, let's tear up the Declaration of Independence and send its pieces back to them too. Oh, and let's not forget the Statue of Liberty. That was a gift from the French, and we certainly don't want gifts from traitorous fiends like them. Let's pack it up and send it back to Paris. Damned French. We've only been staunch allies since our nation was founded, it's high time we found a new friend.

Yes. Staunch allies since our nation was founded. Soooo.... if they are so adamant about speaking against us...... maybe, maybe they have a reason. Did you ever consider that? Maybe they're risking a lot to disagree with us. Even as powerful as they are, we are still more powerful, after all. Did you ever consider that?

Agree with the French or not, whatever you wish to do. In a democratic world, there will be people who disagree. It is their right. There will be people who vote and use their voting power to stand up for what they believe. It is their right. Even if they disagree with us, it is their right. And we must let them have that right. To believe otherwise is to be undemocratic. It is to be unAmerican.


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