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Old Computer Games I'd Like to See Remade

Call me a blasphemer, but I think it would be cool to see remakes of a few of the old classics we played on our Commodores and Apples and ancient IBMs back in the 80s. I've seen a few remastered games, with added sound or graphics but nothing really big. They've remade some old arcade games like Frogger for video game systems, but I'm talking real computer games and a total remake. Take their initial concept and plotline and add in all the graphics, video, sound, and AI crap that can be used now to create a new game. I'm not even thinking a word for word remake here -- that would be blasphemy, as these games do stand on their own -- I'm just thinking how cool it would be to take the ideas and create a game with all we have access to now. I think the result would be pretty exciting. Here's some of my votes for remakes, all of them games I played on my Apple IIc back in the day.

The Age of Heracles: In the old game, you picked one of many, many Greek heroes and sent him through twelve quests, some of them authentic Heraclean labors and some of them other famous ancient Greek adventures based on the events in the Iliad and the Odyssey, the journey of the Argo, Theseus' quest, etc. The graphics were a bit laughable even back then, but the storyline was great, especially for its time. Think of what we could do with a Greek myth-based story now? Dialogue with the gods and other heroes, etc. More complex puzzles could be added, as could a more complex combat system. The game could even have a multiplayer internet option, like Diablo.

Alice in Wonderland: A game put out by Windham Classics, which made games based on books, this was a pretty extensive, fairly challenging puzzle game. I could see a modern day version with a first person viewpoint and more interesting character interaction. A lot of the puzzles could stay the same, though I think any game based on the Alice series that remained true to the spirit of the books but at the same time presented new ideas/challenges would be pretty damn cool. (There is supposed to be some kind of Dark Wonderland game coming out, with Alice as some kind of seven-year-old Avenger, fighting the crazed citizens of Wonderland. That doesn't count. You don't need to goth up Alice to make her interesting.)

Champions of Krynn: Not a direct remake of this, but with the new generation of AD&D games coming out, it would be nice to see another Dragonlance chronicle. (Though I like the Forgotten Realms ones best -- and they are making a Pool of Radiance sequel -- woohoo!)

Intrigue: Actually, I don't know if they could make a game as good as this now. One of the most complex games I have ever seen which required a minimum of 48k to play. That's right, 48k -- it was designed for the Apple II plus. It was a mystery game, made to be in black and white (people with color monitors had to manually shift their computer to be b&w). The plot was the same overall, but "whodunnit" and the details surrounding that changed with each game. The game had some sound effects (phone ringing, etc.), character conversations in which what you said changed their reply, characters whose facial expressions changed (the animation was a bit rough, but -- 48k people!), and your actions could alter the plotline. I haven't seen a mystery come out in a long time, and a new one based on this, with little changes but the advantages of modern technology, could create a whole new kinda special thing going on here.

That's all I can think of for now. You have any to add to the list? Let me know.


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