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Heat Advisory
(written 8/16/03)

And then she said, "Enough."

115 heat index
Please stay inside your homes
Please turn on the air conditioners you're too poor to have
Please look out for the elderly,
the young,
and the broken-hearted.
Please look out
as the sky weighs down you,
steam suffocates you,
you might stop breathing before the break.

Before the break,
the sun burned white the whole of existence,
infiltrated every nook and cranny,
Nothing could hide.
Water seeped up and out and evaporated
from every puddle, river, and pore,
steaming Mother Earth herself raw,

And then she said, "Enough."

She could smell it coming a half an hour before the storm came,
prayed for the break,
prayed for the lungs to burst, to breathe again,
for sweat to become rain, even though she knew
The heat-storm would return.
It's a matter of time.

Please look out.
This whole summer's been like this.
Burn, burst, and wash
And be made clean,
Burn, burst, and wash
And be made clean.
She made her repentance.

And then she said, "Enough."


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