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I Lied. It's Not Just Because I'm Busy

I am writing to apologize to all of you to whom I have not gotten in touch with, even thoughI said I was going to call or whatever. I am also apologizing because of what I said in the last e-mail I sent everyone about my new contact info, in which I said I hadn't gotten in touch with people because I was busy. Because although it was partly true, there's another reason.

Before I go into that reason, let me just say that I really really love and care about you all. I really really honestly do; I do not say "I love you" and don't mean it.

But I haven't returned some phone calls and called people I said I was going to call because I haven't felt like it. It's nothing personal. I have been busy, yes, but I've also had enough free time to responsibly keep in touch with everyone like a good friend should. But I've just been tired. I've just wanted the free time I have had to write stories and play games. I've just really wanted some time to myself. About six people called/e-mailed me all around the same time and said, "Hey, let's get together sometime," and I just got overwhelmed. Not about seeing any one of you, but a whole bunch... after I had come home in July from a big people-filled con weekend. And there's just things, projects I've wanted to get done and dreams I've wanted to take some time to dream. So I've done all that instead of keep in touch with you.

Maybe I am not a good friend. I don't know. I try. I am feeling really guilty, and yet here I am writing this instead of actually calling you (well, I now have another reason not to make a phone call: I'm moving, the "phone bill month" has just restarted, and I don't want my final bill to be too big, but anyway...). I am not calling you tonight, though, either. After I get offline, I'm going to go eat dinner and then pack the rest of my stuff so I can move tomorrow. I will make two phone calls to my friends who are helping me move to help coordinate things, and that's it. This weekend I have to move, start unpacking, break for Bill's RPG, then go back to unpacking, then collapse, then go grocery shopping, and then start writing a script treatment for the thingie I'm working on so the Progenitors can take over the world through better educational science center programs.

After that, I might have time to call you, maybe Wednesday or Thursday night. After that though, I'm going to Scott and Steph's wedding, and will be gone again. Once I get settled back home again, I have to finish the Progenitor Script Treatment by August 15. Then, if I have not called you yet, I will call you. If you don't hear from me by then, feel free to hate me, burn me in effigy, send me nasty e-mails, and tell the world how irresponsible and unreliable I am. I will deserve it. Until then, please continue to give me a break, and thank you for your patience. *HUGS*


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