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More on SendaCrush and Other Annoyances

After I posted my rant on, I received several e-mails from people who apparently are also annoyed with being "sent crushes." Some of them did some research into it and are pretty convinced it's an e-mail address scam. Many of them asked me to write about this, hence this posting.

One e-mailer suggested/requested I post his story anonymously, so here it is:

SendACrush definitely IS an email address collection scam. I know because I received an email from them saying "Someone has a crush on you", but it was addressed to: [NOT HIS NAME, at this e-mailer's e-mail address]. I'm NOT [this person], so I searched my email archives for that name. I found 3 spams from the previous 3 days, all from different sites, with that exact same email and name.

So I KNOW that they just pulled my name off of an email-address CD.

I don't know if that's conclusive evidence necessarily, but all things considered, he's probably right anyway.


Today I get an e-mail from "Someone Likes You!" Different web address (though I can't remember if it's or not), same silly thing. Of course they're also promising that the only reason they've received my e-mail address is because my "secret admirer" sent it to them.

As time goes by, it is much more likely my "secret admirer" is a SPAM list. What is with these people?! What's even more sad... there are probably a lot of people who get suckered into it. But some people don't mind trying to make money off of people's loneliness. Sad sad sad sad.

Of course, it may not be as sad as if a "secret admirer" really did send me "a crush" through a web service. If on the narrow off-chance that pathetic person does exist, you need to go back and read my first rant about this situation.


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