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Song Parodies

I have made up many filk/song parodies over the years, though I usually never get around to actually writing down. A couple of recent inspirations made me decide, however, to share a few with you.

The Tentacle Porn Hoedown: A friend of mine wrote this anime-themed parody of a "Whose Line is It Anyway?" tradition (6/2/02)

Prince Tenjou: A short ditty based on "Frank Mills" from Hair.

Miki: An Utena filk based on everyone's favorite 80s one-hit wonder. (5/1/02)

Death Quaker - My theme song, written by me and a much better parody writer than I, Arthur. If you wanna read some really good songs, check his out.

The Fetter Song - A World of Darkness-inspired ditty. We only have the chorus so far.

Tenchi Muyo Song Parodies - For some reason, I keep getting more ideas for these. There will likely be more to come.


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