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This is a collection of spleen ventings, epiphanies, and general babble that I have decided to share with you, my readers, all three of you out there. Some are more interesting than others. If you're looking for slightly more serious bits of commentary and exposition, try my Essays page. As always, feedback is welcome.

Why I Will Not Buy the New Wonder Woman #1.: See title. 6/16/06

Weep for the PC Gamer: A Rant about the Decline of PC Games, PC Games versus Console Games, and why video game marketers are the stupidest people alive. 5/24/05

"Fat" is Not a Four-Letter Word: So stop acting like it is. 10/21/2004

A Rant about Anime Fans by an Anime Fan: In which I bitch and whine about anime fans being bitchy and whiny.

I Know What'll Make Us Feel Better: Let's Blame the French! (3/22/03) There are some people who should just be ashamed to be Americans, and unfortunately there's a lot of them.

Lost Thoughts and Other Things (9/25/02)

More on SendaCrush and Other Annoyances (7/18/02): Written partially by request by other annoyed people. Don't let SendaCrush SPAM you.

Con Reminiscences and other Stuff (7/12/02): Some brief notes not worthy of the most wondrous Shoopaloopacon I attended last week. NOTE: I have somehow lost this during a site upgrade. I'm leaving this in the index for now to remind myself to look for it.

Now We Are (Twenty) Six (6/20/02): Yes, the title I am stealing from is referring to a number of people, not an age. I am turning it into an age. Because it is my birthday, and I can do what I want.

Turning the Key (5/29/02): A weird short little thing.

Observations on Ironies and Other Things (5/20/2002). They paved Paradise and put up a Giant Eagle.

There Is An Annoying Person Who Keeps "Sending A Crush" to Me (5/2/02). Spineless loser.

Master of My Own Destiny (5/1/02). What was going to be a silly ramble about getting my Master's degree turned into a semi-cheesy, semi-inspirational thing about doing your own thing. I decided to share it anyway, as that is apparently what my Muse wanted.

Annual April ARGH Rant (4/7/02)

Anxious Tonight (11/2/01). Feeling supernaturally panicked moves me to write in this instant. Am I here?

I Lied. It's Not Just Because I'm Busy... (8/4/01) A poor apology for a poor excuse.

Random State of the Rep Address (5/21/01)

My Muse is On Crack (4/1/01)

Ode to My Shell (2/22/01)

Web Pages that Irritate Me (2/19/01). Nothing too exciting; just a plain rant.

Sometimes I Just Feel Stupid.Self-pity alert: this is just me feeling sorry for myself, and is rather pathetic, but expressing it felt good. (2/3/2001)

Fear of Non-Commitment. Note I rant about real people here, though I don't use names; this is really just a "I need space to vent" rant. (12/29/00)

Signs that there's too much Stress in the Workplace. (1/5/00) YOU STILL HAVEN'T CONTRIBUTED!!

Nice Thought for the Day: No Fear (10/3/99)

Calling Upon the Inner Punk(6/21/99)


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