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Ode to My Shell

You can't hurt me,
Not while I'm here in my little room.
There's nothing here but scenery
And a lovely ocean view.
I never bleed. I'm stronger than Superman.
I'm made of steel, yes I am, yes I am,
Yes it's true: I'm bulletproof.
David and Nerissa Nields, "Bulletproof"

My shell is a very comfortable place to be. It keeps me safe and warm. While I'm in my shell, everything is very nice and simple. I don't have to deal with complicated things like people.

Who wants to deal with people, anyway? People are mean and icky and... and... and...

They can hurt you.

Computer games and comic books are much more safe. AND I get to exercise my imagination and get out stress and save the Universe! Who can top that? I mean really, what would you rather do, be with some stinky old people who could hurt you, or slay Diablo, the Demon Lord of Terror?

When I have to go out in the world, my shell protects me from people, because through my shell I can't hear things like "hello" and can't see people smiling, and they can't see me smiling back either. I never ever have to talk to anybody, except maybe the bank teller or something, when I have to.

Yep. Me and my shell are really good mates. I live such a fulfilling life, hiding in my cave (room) where I can write stories and play games and people won't bother me.

Of course, I suppose it would be neat to have someone to tell my stories to, and listen to my music with, and talk about comic books with, and...

No! No need of that. I have my shell. I don't need anything else. Just my nice, warm, safe, hard, dense, soundless shell.


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