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Look into the depths of my deranged imagination wrangled into prose format. Note that my Tenchi Muyo! fanfics have their own page, as do my Utena fanfics.

The Boing: A silly short story by Gremalkyn, written about and for me and the Women of Gotham message boarders.

Happy for You: A stream-of-consciousness tale of a young woman who used to be a science-fiction character of mine but has settled into more mundane worlds.It's still rough, so I'd love your feedback on it.

Romance at Zelbit's Diner, by Me and Metagnat, back in the Dark Ages (i.e. the winter of 1994, when I came home from my freshman year of college to visit her). Note: All of the actual funny parts were written by Metagnat.

Rep and EC's as-yet-unnamed-story about a blue swan named Irving! Okay. That story isn't actually finished; but is another silly story. Shame we never finished it... work or something stupid like that got in the way.


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