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I fancy myself a writer from time to time, although I sadly lack the discipline to produce a great volume of material–but when I do finish something, I put it here. I welcome comments and suggestions–and even submissions, although I reserve editorial rights on your work–all of which you may e-mail to me at IF you are polite, I promise I will respond and politely as well, even if you disagree with me or have criticism.

Ramblings: When the spleen is vented or the mind let to wander, it happens here. One of the oldest parts of my site, so many entries.

Essays: A little tiny more serious than my rants, a collection of my "creative non-fiction prose" and whatnot.

Stories: Tall tales, fan fiction, and narrative prose that doesn't alliterate.

Verse: Roses are red, the best minds of my generation.

Commercials: Reviews, fangirl ravings, and other comments on what's out there in the pop media these days.

Song Parodies: Filk and silly songs.


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